First Step Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services First Step Substance Abuse Treatment

The First Step Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program aims to assist women in maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. First Step provides substance use treatment and gender-specific substance use treatment. Women are taught skills to develop and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and provide safe, sober, and nurturing homes for themselves and their families. In the perinatal portion of the program, First Step provides parent education that teaches mothers positive parenting skills and provides a Child Development Center staffed with early education professionals for childcare for mothers participating in First Step services.

Program Components:

  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Specialized Child Care Center
  • Parent Education and Support

Priority for services is given to pregnant injection drug users, pregnant substance users, parenting injection drug users and parenting substance users.

The First Step Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program

Eligibility:  Stanislaus County residents, pregnant and/or parenting women with children up to the age of 17.  Priority is given to women who are pregnant or having newborns and women who are involved with Child Protective Services. Children ages 0-5 may participate in the child development center.

Cost:  No cost to participants.  Funding is provided through Stanislaus County Children & Families Commission, Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Stanislaus County Community Services Agency.