Adult & Community Services

Sierra Vista Child & Family Services Adult & Community Services

Our Adult & Community Services focuses on child safety, family stability, and well-being. We offer tailored counseling services that address family dynamics, emphasizing child safety, permanency, and overall well-being. Our services include parenting groups that provide insights into preventing family violence, anger management, and essential parenting skills.

Our 52-week domestic violence treatment program helps participants understand violence, abuse, and their roles in relationships, promoting responsibility and positive changes. Our innovative anger management program supports clients in handling frustration and conflict, with program durations of 16 or 52 weeks. We also offer family maintenance and reunification for parents at risk of child removal or seeking reunification, and a child abuse offender treatment program for court-ordered participants.

We’re committed to helping you build stronger families and healthier relationships.

Adult & Community Services

Eligibility: The program is court ordered.

Cost: Sliding scale fee