Kirk Baucher Non-Public School

Kirk Baucher Non-Public School offers specialized education for kindergarten through eighth-grade students from public school systems in Stanislaus, Merced, and San Joaquin Counties. Collaborating closely with school districts, we provide tailored training in therapeutic crisis intervention to support each student’s IEP within a therapeutic school environment.

Our specialized school setting delivers individualized education services, social skills development, behavior management, crisis intervention, family support, and one-on-one mental health services. These essential services are provided in an acute therapeutic care setting, which is crucial for this environment.

Education plans are designed to fit the individual needs of each student, kindergarten through eighth grade. We conduct comprehensive academic assessments, offer specialized curriculum for students with learning disabilities (including those on the autism spectrum), and provide vocational education, crisis intervention, an activity program, and social work services to involve the family in their child’s treatment plan.

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Kirk Baucher Non-Public School​

Eligibility: Educational placement in the non-public school is determined by the Individual Education Plan staff to best meet students educational needs.

Cost: There is no cost to families of children in this program. The costs are covered through collaborative agencies. Funding is provided through SELPA or Public Schools.