Sierra Vista Merced

Sierra Vista Merced provides a wide range of services to families in our office and throughout the community in Merced County. Our wide range of services reaches out to students, families, and youth.

Counseling Services & Prevention Services

Carelon Behavioral Health Strategies

Carelon Behavioral Health Strategies program provides outpatient services for the treatment of mild to moderate mental health impairments for beneficiaries with full-scope Central California Alliance for Health (CCAH) MediCal.

The Road to Resiliency (R2R) program collaborates with pregnant women with past or present substance use and mothers of substance-exposed infants by integrating services and interagency cooperation. Navigators employ a strength-based approach, offering community health education, guidance through the healthcare system, and connections to community resources.

Eligibility: Women who are pregnant or post-partum up to 12 months who have a known history of substance use and currently have no substantiated child abuse reports.

Cost: No cost to participants

Enhanced Care Management is in partnership with local health plans designed to connect quality resources and services by providing comprehensive support and coordination for individuals with complex medical needs. ECM prioritizes enhancing overall health outcomes and quality of life for these individuals.

School-Based Services

Head Start

This collaborative program between Merced County Office of Education and Sierra Vista provides education and support for children and their parents struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Eligibility: Children must be referred by their Head Start Program to participate.

Cost: No cost to participants.

Tailored for students in grades K-12, our program focuses on teaching social-emotional skills to minimize impulsive and aggressive behavior while boosting social competence. Utilizing Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) methods, we advocate for bullying prevention, stigma reduction, and social skills development.

Eligibility: All schools in Merced County are eligible for this program. Children from Merced County must be referred by their school administrator to participate.

Cost: No cost to participants.

This collaborative program between Merced County Community Action Agency and Sierra Vista provides mental health consultation and support for children and their parents who are struggling with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Staff and parent training is also available to individuals.

Provides school-based mental health counseling within schools in the Merced Union High School District, Weaver School District, and Los Banos Unified School District.

Eligibility: This program is for students who are currently enrolled in one of the identified schools within the district.

Cost: No cost to participants.

Sierra Vista Merced